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Solidarity Statement with Twin Cities Response to Police Terrorism First, a big thank you to those saying “fuck the police!” This statement is our written expression of solidarity to the Twin Cities rioters and against all police. We are saddened and angry to hear about the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. But we are not… Read more →

Statement: Philly Police Harass Philly Antifa and Wooden Shoe Books

Bundle Up With Solidarity and Resist The Chill A Statement From Up Against The Law Legal Collective On Saturday January 28th Philly Antifa held an event at Wooden Shoe Books featuring anti-fascist researcher Matt Lyons of the blog threewayfight. Some people arriving at the event noticed an unusually large police presence outside and across the street, others noticed a car… Read more →

How to Handle Your Citation

Citations are like parking tickets. They don’t go on your record. Don’t Pay It, Contest It. Philly police often give citations to protestors. What Happens When You Get a Citation The police will pull you aside. They will write up a citation. You have to give your name. You don’t have to give your ID (but not giving may prolong… Read more →

In the News

Sometimes we get props!  And a few good quotes.

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DNC Info – Hotline, Pre-Arrest Forms, Citations, Bail and More

First off….Laws are Changing We highly advise that you keep abreast of the many changes to laws regarding protesters by checking the ACLU’s DNC Page here   Fill out Pre-Arrest forms It’s always a good idea to provide key information so that if you are arrested, we’ll have an easier time tracking you in the criminal justice system.  Groups might… Read more →

When the Going Gets Tough….UATL’s Moves in May

With each passing month, Philadelphia mobilizes against racist police violence in greater and greater numbers. Up Against the Law is committed to providing legal observing for demonstrators and Know Your Rights training for organizers and communities as this movement continues to grow. Here is a brief snapshot of the support UATL has provided over the past few weeks.   In… Read more →