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Statement: Philly Police Harass Philly Antifa and Wooden Shoe Books

Bundle Up With Solidarity and Resist The Chill A Statement From Up Against The Law Legal Collective On Saturday January 28th Philly Antifa held an event at Wooden Shoe Books featuring anti-fascist researcher Matt Lyons of the blog threewayfight. Some people arriving at the event noticed an unusually large police presence outside and across the street, others noticed a car… Read more →

When the Going Gets Tough….UATL’s Moves in May

With each passing month, Philadelphia mobilizes against racist police violence in greater and greater numbers. Up Against the Law is committed to providing legal observing for demonstrators and Know Your Rights training for organizers and communities as this movement continues to grow. Here is a brief snapshot of the support UATL has provided over the past few weeks.   In… Read more →

Statement on Philadelphia Police Department Intimidation and Surveillance of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Recently several actions by the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) have targeted local organizers in the movement against police terror. It is clear to us that they are intentionally trying to cultivate an atmosphere of paranoia and create a chilling effect on this growing movement. We have several comments on the matter and intend to take dead aim at these tactics… Read more →

Statement Concerning Joshua Albert

Up Against the Law believes that no one, no matter the circumstances, should face the criminal justice system alone.  It is a system based on dehumanization and isolation.  We are fighting for a society based on mutual aid, solidarity, and restorative and transformative justice. Last week Joshua Scott Albert turned himself in to the Philadelphia police, and is currently being held at… Read more →

Pro GA and Anti Fracking: Legal Collective Supports September Actions

Legal Collective provided street legal, know your rights and hotline support to September 19, and 20 actions in Philadelphia.

Support General Assistance

About the September 19 action, Occupy Philly writes:

“Gov Corbett’s appearance in Philly tonight was disrupted by activists who held multiple banners aloft and called him out for expanding PA’s prison system while cutting funding for public education and cutting General Assistance. The governor was visibly shaken. Currently they are not letting in ticket holders even though the auditorium is only a quarter full.”


Oppose Fracking

On September 20, activists protested the Marcellus Shale Coalition, convening at the Convention Center.