Post Election Protests – We’ve Got Your Back!

During this time of almost daily protests, Up Against the Law is prepared to offer legal support in the Philadelphia area region as our capacity allows.


legal2Here’s what we’ll do:

  • We will do our best to have observers, if asked in advance, on the ground.
  • In addition, if due to timing, we cannot be at your action, we will talk you through legal observing.
  • We can and will provide legal support/follow up for all arrested protesters.
  • This includes finding out where folks arrested have been taken, if they are taken and held for more than one hour.
  • We will find out if they will have a bail hearing do our best to let you know where and when the hearing will be.
  • We will contact lawyers who have already reached out to us stating that anyone arrested at protests during this time will be represented pro bono.
  • We will meet with all arrestees to explain the process, including how to fight civil citations, if issued.


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