Prepping for Actions

Required Reading: Prepping for Actions

Want support for your action?

Please read the following tips to prep your group to work with Up Against the Law Legal collective


  • Take this process seriously.
  • Contact us as early in your process as you can.
  • Arrange KYR  and Arrest Process training.
  • Distribute the arrest hotline (484-758-0388)  number.
  • Have each activist review everything in Know Your Rights
  • Gather vitals (name on license, contact info, DOB, emergency contact info, special needs, etc.) from each activist.
  • Begin organizing arrest support.


  • Review KYR essentials.
  • Write down the arrest hotline number (484-758-0388) on your hand.
  • Observe police and (un)civil affairs conduct.
  • Report arrests to the arrest hotline.


  • Arrest support.
  • Communicate with us.
  • Attend meetings with us.
  • Attend meetings with the lawyers and us.
  • Work with your attorney(s).
  • Appear at court on time.