Statement Concerning Joshua Albert

Up Against the Law believes that no one, no matter the circumstances, should face the criminal justice system alone.  It is a system based on dehumanization and isolation.  We are fighting for a society based on mutual aid, solidarity, and restorative and transformative justice.

Last week Joshua Scott Albert turned himself in to the Philadelphia police, and is currently being held at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility.  Regardless of any one’s personal opinion of him, or his past alleged actions, he is someone who deserves our solidarity as he traverses a brutal and terrifying system.

Up Against the Law urges all of us to support him.

Supporting him does not mean agreeing with him, or even liking him.  It means recognizing that he is like millions of people in the United States, a lone individual facing a vast apparatus of state repression.

Up Against the Law’s mission is to provide solidarity so that we can face this inhuman system as a community, not as individuals. Fortunately he has pro bono legal representation.

Joshua is able to receive mail at the address below. All mail sent to him will be read by jail staff, and packages are not allowed.  He would like reading material.

Please contact Books Through Bars if you have reading material you would like to send: Books Through Bars | 4722 Baltimore Ave. | Philadelphia, PA 19143 215-727-8170 |

To send Joshua mail you must use the EXACT address below:  Again he cannot receive packages.  Reading material should be coordinated with Books Through Bars.  Joshua can also see visitors, but you must be on his list.

PP# 1128125
Joshua S.S. Albert 1128125
PO Box 6230
7901 State Road