How to get Training and Support

The Three Kinds of Support We Offer:

  1. Legal observing/Copwatching (LO/CW).

  2. Tracking after arrests & connection with legal representation/court support.

  3. Know Your Rights (KYR) & Stop Snitching on Yourself (SSOY) trainings.


Email Us to Get Support…

If you have an action or event coming up that you want us to provide legal support for, (observe/copwatch), send us an email at and let us know the basic details of the action/event.

If you would like us to come to your community – whether it be a school, organizing meeting, house or anything else,  send us an email with the following:

  • 2 or 3 dates that you’d like to have training,
  • the location
  • the layout of the space
  • approximately how many people you are expecting
  • the audience (e.g. high schoolers, an organization/community group, your friends & family, etc).


…With 3-4 Days Notice

In order to make sure we have some members from the collective available we ask you give us AT LEAST 3 -4 days notice before you need our support.

All of our members are volunteer and also have jobs, schools, families, lives.

We really want to support you but we need to make time in our schedules.

The more time you are able to provide the better and the more likely we’ll have an adequate number of collective members who can come out. If we can’t make it out the day of your action we can try and meet up before for a basic Legal Observing/Know Your Rights training so you’re crew can be as safe and prepared as possible.


A note about Jail Support

We individually, sometimes, help out with jail support when we can, however we believe part of organizing an action is planning jail support.  If “Jail Support” is a new concept for you, please read our jail support and solidarity page.

All of our resources are accessible & able to be printed/copied for free on our here on the website.

We look forward to supporting you!  Stay safe, stay informed, Know Your Rights!