For Immediate Release 
May 29, 2020

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Solidarity Statement with Twin Cities Response to Police Terrorism

First, a big thank you to those saying “fuck the police!”

This statement is our written expression of solidarity to the Twin Cities rioters and against all police.

We are saddened and angry to hear about the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. But we are not surprised.

We support the actions of racial justice by whatever means participants deem necessary. We urge people who are ideologically opposed to certain freedoms of dissent to step aside.

Intervention, especially by white people, will support further police terrorism. Respect a diversity of tactics. Our experience has shown that power and white supremacy doesn’t give up voluntarily, and neither will we.

Don’t attack each other. Understand that this isn’t simply about the choices and actions of individuals, but is a product of the racist system that we live under.

We believe that solidarity is our greatest weapon against state repression.

We need to take care of each other, so we can be dangerous together.

It is our duty and commitment to support those who fight back against police terrorism of black, brown and indigenous communities. We’ve been with you in Baltimore, Charlottesville, DC, and of course Philly. We will march with you as legal observers, call the bail commissioner to see that we can help you out of jail, host trainings at your request, and in some cases get locked up with you.

We want you to know you are not alone in this fight.

We are watching from Philadelphia, and we will support those fighting locally, as we always have.Please visit our Stop Snitching On Yourself series on our website and arm yourself with the legal ways of dealing with law enforcement, which includes what to do if you witness police brutality.

In solidarity,

with love and rage,

Up Against The Law Legal Collective

Philadelphia, PA

Our arrest hotline is (484) 758-0388

*Know that we are an all volunteer collective that is committed to mutual aid and community empowerment. We do not solicit donations, but these MN orgs could use resources: