How to Handle Your Citation

citatinoCitations are like parking tickets. They don’t go on your record.

Don’t Pay It, Contest It.

Philly police often give citations to protestors.

What Happens When You Get a Citation

  1. The police will pull you aside.
  2. They will write up a citation.
  3. You have to give your name.
  4. You don’t have to give your ID (but not giving may prolong detainment).
  5. You may or may not be taken in for holding.
  6. If you are held, you’ll be released after a few hours.


Handling the Citation Don’t Pay it – Contest it!

  • On the back, check the box to contest the citation
    • There is a box labeled “Other Instructions.” Check the small box next to “Hearing Request Box”
  • Email a copy to
    • You could also send a copy to Jody Dodd, Krasner & Long, LLC, 1221 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Mail the original to The Department of Finance P.O. Box 56318 Philadelphia, PA 19130-6318. Do this within 15 days of receiving the citation. In other words, the postmark (time date stamp that the post office gives) must be within 15 days of the citation.
  • Wait for an email from the Department of Finance letting you know when your hearing will be.
  • Email us to let us know when your hearing is and we’ll contact you about next steps.
  • Lawyers can contest on your behalf.  This means that out of town folks don’t have to come back to Philly for the hearing.